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Rave’n and Other Proxies
September 30, 2008, 7:50 pm
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Proxy is heavy. Throws distortions at you and build up their tunes to a nirvanic dark and dirty techno-orgasmo. “Raven” is their new dancefloor weapon, I can forsee it being used as an advert jingle too (by the way have anyone heard Justice’s “Genesis” on the Levis 501 ad?). Play it loud and see urself shivering during the awesome breakdown.

Proxy – Raven

And it gets better with the remixes! We all know how rocking Digitalism can be, watch Proxy distorts the daylights out of “Home Zone.” As for Chromeo, theres a nice Tenderoni rhythm amidst the heavy heavy techno sounds. My advice when handling Proxy, simply play it loud.

Digitalism – Home Zone (Proxy Remix)

Chromeo – Tenderoni (Proxy Distort Remix)

Eine Kleine Nacht Musik
September 22, 2008, 12:16 am
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The first time I heard La Serenissima 2 months ago, I was totally floored. This is like exactly exactly exactly the kind of music I am looking for. I was a big fan of Krautrock, Kraftwerk (coming to our shores) and JM Jarre, and after hearing La Serenissima, this nostalgia kicks in and fills up your heart, seems to take you to another epic autobahn dimension.

And then I found out, Eine Kleine Nacht Musik is none other than Riton. Word has it that he was due to form a new band with the Deweale brothers from Soulwax called Die Verboten, but sadly that didn’t materialise. Therefore, Riton went ahead to record an album under Eine Kleine with his brother in law, Fergadelic, supporting him in some songs and the artwork. Would there be a Soulwax remix of La Serenissima? Pray very hard.

Eine Kleine Nacht Musik – La Serenissima

Eine Kleine Nacht Musik – Ertrinken

Wonder Duos
September 17, 2008, 3:24 pm
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Soulwax, Digitalism, Justice, Daft Punk, The Count and Sinden, MGMT, Bangers and Cash, Punks Jump Up, Underworld, Gildas and Masaya, Orbital, MSTRKRFT and autoKratz.

Apparent whenever two males come together, it always results in musical genius…or a homosexual relationship (coughs-Pet Shop Boys, Savage Garden-coughs)

Can’t ignore them
September 16, 2008, 7:22 pm
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The hottest band right now, every decent music blog would have a feature on them. MGMT‘s two New Yorker that doesn’t incredibly sounding electro-rock with psychedelia and folksy influences, kinda like Ladytron but a few notches more rocking.

On top of that, Justice and Soulwax hadn’t touched (choped, caressed, groped, meshed) songs from the same band since Klaxons. So I assure you, this is gona be very very audio-orgasmic. Peep the video first with the remixes below.

MGMT – Kids (Soulwax Nite Versions)

MGMT – Electric Feel (Justice is Awesome Remix)

Fidget Supergroup
September 15, 2008, 8:12 pm
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A total of 8 different artistes from the raving fidget house genre gang up to form Machines Don’t Care. Truly a supergroup in the UK electro scene. Members include the very awesome Count (Herve) and Sinden, Fake Blood, Trevor Loveys, Toddla T, Detboi, Drop the Lime and Affie Yusuf.

You would have heard all the big name DJs like Steve Aoki and Erol Alkan played “Afro Jacker” earlier this summer season, check out some two other songs from their album which are very raving too.

Machines Don’t Care – Beat Bang (Herve and Trevor Loveys)

Machines Don’t Care – Trouble on the Floor (Trevor Loveys and Fake Blood)

Part of the Weekend Never Dies
September 12, 2008, 10:06 pm
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What is Part of the Weekend Never Dies? Is it a multimedia presentation of 2ManyDJs? A live registration of Nite Versions? A Documentary about Soulwax on the road?

The answer is that it is the very best fucking thing that ever happened to humanity. Above video is the intro in the DVD by So_Me, goodies below.

Soulwax – E Talking (Part of the Weekend Never Dies Version)

Walter Murphy and The Big Apple Band – A Fifth of Beethoven (Soulwax Re-Edit)

Buraka Som Sistema
September 11, 2008, 7:56 pm
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Hot hot band from Portugal. Buraka Som Sistema‘s genre is Kuduro, which is a sort of uptempo dance hall music from Angola. Unlike kwaito which is more housy and garagy, Kuduro is more hip hop sounding. And then there’s progressive kuduro, which is the European’s tendency to surpress and systemise the raw drum beats to a more mastered and studio sounding tune, turn it into a house structure and make it more friendly to DJs. Seems to me that’s the African version of Ghetto Tech. Peep the guest artistes that BSS has hooked up with, that includes Diplo and M.I.A.

Buraka Som Sistema ft. Petty – Wawaba

Buraka Som Sistema ft. Diplo – Inna De Ghetto

September 10, 2008, 1:39 pm
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As with all new beginnings, here’s a wicked Von Stroke track to kicks things off. Sebo would be canning hot tracks here for the time, get his recommendations while it last, tell your friends and family about this, uncles, aunties and your one night flings too.

Claude Von Stroke – Chimps