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Ravelick 9 and Forget ‘Bout Steve Aoki

Volume 9 is here, big tracks all rounds as you can see. However, listen to the part 3/4 into the mix where I’ve included the hidden gem that is The Idjut Boy’s glitchy track blended with the very awesome Black Labelle’s remix of “Kittin is High.” I am very happy with this mix, it seems it’s almost perfect, have a listen now.

01. Proxy – Raven (Les Petits Pilous Remix)
02. Jan Driver – Rat Alert
03. Tiga – Mind Dimension
04. Bloc Party – Banquet (Boys Noize Vox Mix)
05. Mr Oizo – Positif (Midfield General Re-Edit)
06. Zombie Nation – Forza (Fukkk Off Remix)
07. Style of Eye – Girls
08. Idjut Boys – Droids 1A
09. Miss Kittin – Kittin Is High (9-11 Mix By Black Labelle)
10. ZZT – The Worm (Erol Alkan Extended Rework)
11. DJ Mujava – Township Funk
12. Muse – Knights of Cydonia (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)
13. MGMT – Kids (Soulwax Nite Versions)

Sebo Sebo – Ravelick 9 and Forget ‘Bout Steve Aoki

Spells of Yoruba
November 24, 2008, 12:08 am
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No that’s not Moby, that’s Gel Abril and if you know you MNML well, you would have heard of him. His latest song, Spells of Yoruba is one of the most known underground hit around. One of those songs that wasn’t too hyped but every good minimal head would have had freaked to it’s goodness. So if you’re one the geeky turtabling DJs, get that vinyl here (selling out fast) and show it off to everyone.

Gel Abril – Spells of Yoruba (YSI)

Ennui And On And On

This would be me venturing into harder prog sounds and trance. I never knew I was into these kinda stuffs say a year or two ago, but now I’m very happy with this tape. Do listen and enjoy.

01. Audiofly and Amelie – Move
02. Apparat – Arcadia (Sasha Invol2ver Remix)
03. Piemont – Black Smoker
04. Simi – Errore di Sistema
05. Yaron Cohen – Laffy Taffy (Style of Eye Remix)
06. Ellen Allien – Erdbeermund
07. Zoo Brazil – Kalle (Norman Dorey and Arno Cost Remix)
08. John Dahlbäck feat. Lisa Stansfield – Monchichi
09. Minilogue – Jamaica (Dubfire Dreadmill Mix)
10. Ladytron – Runaway (James Zabiela’s Red Eye Remix)

Sebo Sebo – Ennui And On And On

Erol Alkan and A-Trak at 2020 Bournemouth
November 22, 2008, 1:19 pm
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I’ve listened to it once already and I’m putting it in my iPod, gonna be blasting it everytime I’m travelling to work, so hey, you see that guy boppin’ his head on the train, that’s me and I’d be listening to this very very phenomenal mix.


  1. A-Trak vs Sneak – Say Whoa Cant Hide From Your Bud – Kitsune
  2. His Majesty Andre – Peep Thong – Cheaper Thrills
  3. Soundhack – Funky Rule
  4. Sneak – Obama
  5. Armand Van Helden – The Funk Phenomenon – UMTV
  6. Alex Gopher – Aurora – Go 4 Music France
  7. Voodoo Chilli – Get On Down – Cheap Thrills
  8. Boys Noize – Oh (A-Trak mix)
  9. Treasure Fingers – Cross The Dancefloor (Laidback Luke mix)
  10. Rob 3 – The Chase – Cheap Thrills
  11. Mujava – Township Funk – This Is Music
  12. Mad – Put Your Drinks Up
  13. Laurent Wolf – The Crow – Darkness
  14. Beni – My Love Sees You (Etienne De Crecy mix) – Kitsune
  15. Mehdi – Pocket Piano (Joakim mix)
  16. Mr Ozio – Gay Dentists (Andrew Rosse mix) – Ed Banger
  17. Fake Blood – Blood Splashin – Cheap Thrills
  18. Shadow Dancer – Soap – Boys Noize
  19. Sammy Bananas – All The Girls – Fools Gold
  20. Jokers Of The Scene – Baggy Bottom Boys
  21. A-Trak – Say Whoa (Sinden mix)
  22. Danielle Papini – Church of Nonsense
  23. Laidback Luke and A-Trak – Shake It Down
  24. Steve Mac and Mark Brown – Bells of Brighton (Popof mix) – CR2
  25. Dek 32 – Gnor – Houseworks
  26. DJ Gant-Man – Juke That Girl From The Back
  27. MP4 – The Book Is On The Table
  28. Crookers – Embrace The Martian (Seii mix)
  29. Zinc – 138 Trek – True Playaz Music
  30. Thomas Bangalter – What To Do
    Erol Alkan

  1. The Faint – Mirror Error (Das Glow mix)
  2. Mr Oizo – Positif
  3. Tiga – Mind Dimension 2
  4. ?
  5. ZZT – The Worm
  6. Jan Driver – Rat alert
  7. Style Of Eye – Ona
  8. Dada Attack – Clearly Imply
  9. Zombie Nation – Forza
  10. Patrice Baumel – Roar
  11. Mystery Jets – Two Doors Down (Duke Dumont mix)
  12. 10CC – Im Not In Love
  13. Late Of The Pier – Bathroom Gurgle (Duke Dumont mix)

Get it Here.

Ennui on the Wild Side

I have intended my Ennui series of mixtapes to be without any fancy cutting or efx, nor would it have any electro bangers. This is just my favourite tech tracks compiled and blended together, although the tape will sound mellow, it is filled with great drum beats and electronic melodies. The theme for this one is perhaps a walk on the wild safari, do enjoy.

01. Sultan and Ned Shepard feat. Benny Blanco – Block Party
02. Paul Kalkbrenner – Bengang
03. Gui Boratto – Matryoshka
04. S.L.A.J.H. – Red Carpet Mile
05. Minilogue – Snake Charmer
06. Rone – Flesh (Sasha Invol2ver Remix)
07. Booka Shade – Sweet Lies (Patrice Baumel Remix)
08. Bjork – DUll Flame of Desire (Modeselektor Remix for Girls)
09. Wippenberg – Chakalaka
10. Steve Angello – Gypsy (Zoo Brazil Remix)

Sebo Sebo – Ennui on the Wild Side

Ravelick of Steel

I’ve got a new tape to burst your eardrums. Take note, this contains really brutal steel electro sounds, it gets so loud during some parts so you better be prepared. It is Volume 7, once again I skipped a volume as 6 is unreleased, however, theres 2 download of it in my mediafire account, wonder who got that?

01. Mighty Dub Katz – Keep On Truckin’ (Streetlife DJs Mix)
02. Jay Z – Jockin’ Jay Z (Don Rimini Remix)
03. A-Trak – Say Whoa
04. Machines Don’t Care – Beat Bang (Trevor Loveys Dub)
05. The Count and Sinden feat. Rye Rye – Hardcore Girls
06. Midfield General – Disco Sirens (Sebo Sebo’s Breat it Down Edit)
07. The Count and Sinden feat. Kid Sister – Beeper (A-Trak Remix)
08. Fake Blood – Blood Splashing (Fake Blood Theme)
09. Dusty Kid – The Cat (Crookers Remix)
10. Boys Noize – Lava Lava (Dada Life Guerilla Fart #6)
11. Dylan Rhymes – Suicide Girls
12. ZZT – The Worm (Original Munich Version)
13. Boys Noize – Volta 82
14. Zombie Nation – Forza (Housemeister Remix)
15. Guns ‘n’ Bombs – Riddle of Steel

Sebo Sebo – Ravelick of Steel (Mixtape Vol.7)

Ennui in Deep Space

This is the tape I’m most satisfied with by far. Of course, it took a few tries to get it right. Starts of with minimalistic spacey pleasures, then the drum beats gets more wicked as it goes on. And lastly, it bangs hard with my so amazing Edit of SMD 🙂 please have a hear!

01. Patrice Baumel – Roar (Dj Wehbba Remix)
02. Dusty Kid – Psika
03. Modeselektor feat. Thom Yorke – The White Flash (Trentemoller Remix)
04. Lindstrom – I Feel Space (M.A.N.D.Y. Remix)
05. ZZT – The Worm (Erol Alkan Extended Rework)
06. Laidback Luke & A-Trak – Shake It Down
07. Poni Hoax – Hypercommunication (Alter Ego Remix)
08. Wippenberg – Drumster
09. D.I.M. – Is You (Brodinski Remix)
10. Simian Mobile Disco – Run (Sebo Sebo’s Slightest Edit)

Sebo Sebo – Ennui in Deep Space (Mixtape)

We Need Teachers For Our Education
October 27, 2008, 5:42 pm
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I was bored so I went to try and figure out the lyrics of Laidback Luke‘s “Teachers.” So this is what I got, help me out with the (???) ones.

Steve Angello, Seb Ingrosso, Axwell, Eric Prydz, <—a.k.a Swedish House Mafia
John Dahlback, Dada Life, Seb Leger, Roger Sanchez,
Dave Spoon, Mark Knight,Dave Armstrong, Shlomi Aber
Dizee Rascal, Audio Bullys, Chemical Brothers, Dirty South

??? is in the house <— someone help out with this one?
Rene Amez is in the house yea
Bart Bmore is in the house
Eric Morillo’s in the house yea

Chocolate Puma, 2001, Carson ???, David Guetta <—who’s 2001? or is it 2000 Watt? No idea. Help out.
Joachim Garraud, Bob Sinclar, Alter Ego, Robbie Riviera
Tocadisco, DJ ???, Timbaland, Dennis Ferrer, Kerri Chandler
<— this one too
Booka Shade, Trentemoller,Dubfire

Ed Banger is in the house
Justice is in the house yea
Boys Noize in the house
2 Many DJs is in the house yea

Deadmau5, Paul Woolford, ???, ???,
Tiga Felix (?), Sir Santiago (?), Erol Alkan, Julio Sanchez
<—bassline gets really distorted for this verse

Switch and Sinden’s in the house
Herve and Diplo’s in the house yea
Pete Tong is in the house
Daft Punk is in the house
Daft Punk is in the house
Daft Punk is in the house yea

OK, next time we’d be doing the Soulwax version 🙂

Daft Punk – Teachers (Laidback Luke 2008 Re-Work) (YSI)
Soulwax – Teachers (Nite Versions at Fabric and 120 Other Places Version) (YSI)

Midnight Madness
October 19, 2008, 11:35 pm
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The Electronic Battle Weapon series are actually “version” tracks that The Chemical Brothers puts up so DJs can rock the club with their tunes. Most of them eventually got edited and made it to their subsequent albums as a proper songs. Midnight Madness comes from Electronic Battle Weapon 10, its a really upbeat tune that seems to be Chemical Bro’s recent style. Many old fans had criticised them for their new direction in music, but I always felt hearthened when artistes gets creative and explore with new elements in their work.

The Chemical Brothers – Electronic Battle Weapon 10 (Midnight Madness) (YSI)

October 14, 2008, 11:53 pm
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We gona run run run when we hear this. Simian Mobile Disco does it again, this time it’s a collabo with nike. “Run” just reminds me of another ‘sporty’ song, seems like SMD is going the way of Kraftwerk if you notice the similarities with “Tour de France.” Techy computer song, Soulwax have been playing it throughout the summer.

Simian Mobile Disco – Run (Edit) (YSI)

Kraftwerk – Tour de France (YSI)

There’s another 20 over minute version of Run, ala Justice’s Planisphere style. But I’m selfish and not sharing ;p SMD would be coming down to Singapore on the 24th of Oct at Zouk (uhh, where else?), see you running there!

September 10, 2008, 1:39 pm
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As with all new beginnings, here’s a wicked Von Stroke track to kicks things off. Sebo would be canning hot tracks here for the time, get his recommendations while it last, tell your friends and family about this, uncles, aunties and your one night flings too.

Claude Von Stroke – Chimps