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Ennui And On And On

This would be me venturing into harder prog sounds and trance. I never knew I was into these kinda stuffs say a year or two ago, but now I’m very happy with this tape. Do listen and enjoy.

01. Audiofly and Amelie – Move
02. Apparat – Arcadia (Sasha Invol2ver Remix)
03. Piemont – Black Smoker
04. Simi – Errore di Sistema
05. Yaron Cohen – Laffy Taffy (Style of Eye Remix)
06. Ellen Allien – Erdbeermund
07. Zoo Brazil – Kalle (Norman Dorey and Arno Cost Remix)
08. John Dahlbäck feat. Lisa Stansfield – Monchichi
09. Minilogue – Jamaica (Dubfire Dreadmill Mix)
10. Ladytron – Runaway (James Zabiela’s Red Eye Remix)

Sebo Sebo – Ennui And On And On

Glow in the Dark
October 18, 2008, 6:35 pm
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Kanye would be here in Singapore, first time ever, don’t miss it for the world. In other news, 808s and Heartbreak is just hot hot hot! Many people would think that using Auto-Tuned vocals is just plain childish and not very tasteful, but my stand is that if the music is written and produced with a vision behind it, with the purpose of communication the artist’s ideals to their listeners, it is still a great work of art no matter how Auto-Tuned it is.

Interestingly, Kanye recorde the album in Hawaii with the area code of “808” and that is also a play on the Roland TR-808, one of the earliest mainstream drum machines that is widely used by musicians throughout the ages.

After listening to both leaked songs from the new album, it really reminded me of a particular Ladytron song. They are not exactly similar, but it’s just the feelings you have after listening to them. Check it out.

Kanye West – Heartless (full version) (YSI)

Ladytron – Beauty (YSI)